soil, 180x180 cm



This accurate geometric shape having been placed in the natural environment, starts fraying due to weather conditions and thus will change from season to season.

Plywood, iron sheet, 3m x 0.3m x 4.5m


My sound installation running under the title „Wave” is made of thin iron sheets and wooden planks. The wooden planks are fluttering the iron plate, depending on the strength of the steps taken on them, the sound of which is similar to that of the thunderstorm. During the steps, the light on the back of the iron plate scans the wall up and down and changes its shape depending on the movement.

Video, 10 minutes


In these ten minutes I am trying to tell a series of events with moves, materials and spaces. During the creation of the work, I sought some kind of intuitive attitude rather than just creating a strict logic system. From the resulting images, I developed an internal system of rules that is indispensable for a certain level of interpretation, but it is still sufficiently free for different associations.

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