Abrading I.
Tuff, 39x40 cm


The stones of the quern move and abrade each other until the abdomen disappears and the two sides are joined into a single disc. Under the sculpture there is a circular recess the lower plane of which is slanted and therefore the dust generated by the abrasion is collected there. By the time the two stones are fully interconnected, the ring closes.

Abrading II.
Sandstone, tuff, 39x40 cm


The upper smaller sandstone is absorbed during the movement in the soft tuff underneath it. The dust generated here will gather inside the pedestal.







Sacrifising Stone

stone powder, cement, 125x25 cm







Millstone II.
stone powder, cement, 55x10 cm







Wood, stainless steel, 4x4 cm


If we take the tiny mirror from the box in our hands, it will start to move quickly, until it rests safely in our motionless hands, then the reflective image will emerge.

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