White Vine Trellis
Mock-up 1:20


Five end-to end trellises, functional cut-back of a white vine flower. The peeled branches hanging in the inward circle will be continuously on the move. Under rain they will twist their shapes differently, even as the plant is changing, growing, moves because of showers. The stalks between flowers are represented in an abstract way. Rain collected in the ground stone will nourish the plants of the adjusting trellis.



Mock-up 1:20


It is an outline of a square. The lines in the radius direction (which will be stones placed on their edges) point at the central catchment. The raindrops will be flowing into the pool under the puck-shaped stone.Optical illusion is used to settle the puck-shaped stone: its frame can’t be seen from the edge of the catchment/ rain-swallower , therefore it will look as if an enormous stone-puck floated or the water dipped it. The outer diameter of the round-shaped area will be 25 ms, the inner puck will be 3 ms, the depth of the area will be 160 cms ie at eye-level. When standing in the centre, only the lines of stones and the sky will be seen.







Mock-up 1:20


This piece of mine was inspired by the structures of corn-caps.The buffed metal plate laid underneath expands the area, and hereby it resembles to the well’s interior. Similar to my previous plan, the final location is purposeful, in this case I would place it under a tree and the composition of the reflection on the square-shaped metal plate would determine the exact location.








sand, 60x40 cm

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